Legal and Tax Work*
Capability for supplying practical advice in the domains of Accounting, Tax and Business Law, the Certified Public Accountant assists company general managers to find the best legal and tax solutions, all within the framework of the accountancy assignment agreed with him.

Business law
  • Assistance with the preparation and interpretation of contracts and leases
  • Help with understanding and implementing legislation relating to contracts
  • Assistance in understanding, interpreting and applying legislation on selling prices
  • Providing the necessary advice to avoid prosecution under the French Criminal Code in its application to business

Company Law
  • Choice of legal approach to a problem
  • Realisation of all operations (incorporation, increase of capital, disposal of units or shares, mergers, transformations, splitting up of company activities, winding-up companies).
  • Assistance with legal formalities: preparation of reports for meetings of directors and shareholders as well as taking care of all related formalities, notably filing with the local Tribunal de Commerce
  • Group structures and international legal structures
  • Advice on company transfers

Advice in company law and individual impact
  • Inheritance laws
  • Contingency fund for company Chairman and Managing Directors
  • Transmission of companies and other business organizations

Tax law
  • Research, consultations and follow-up of tax matters
  • Assistance in the completion of the company's various tax declarations:
    • Direct taxes
    • Value added tax (V.A.T.) and similar taxes
    • property taxes
    • taxes relative to the change of ownership (stamp duties, registration taxes, etc.)
    • Custom Duties
    • Other taxation
  • Assistance to the taxpayer undergoing a tax audit
  • Preparation of documentations for tax exemption.

Training company employees

* In cooperation with specialized lawyers, depending on the nature of assignment.

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