Employee Benefits and Conditions
Through his knowledge and experience in the domain of labour law (which he has a professional obligation to constantly update his know-how) the Certified Public Accountant assists the company general management in finding solutions to problems in the area of labour law, disputes with employees, and human resource management.

Labour law
  • Application of the law and labour regulations
  • Consultation on the specific problems of labour law
  • Study, analyse and draw-up employment contracts
  • Solution of redundancy problems and firing process
  • Problems arising in dealings with employee representatives: trade union delegates, works council, trade union law Study and application of texts relative to the employees' participation in profit sharing
  • Profit sharing scheme (set-up, control)
  • Training planning

Specific problems arising with employees
  • Consultation on specific problems relative to social security and other matters avising with personnel (management retirement schemes, additional health insurance...)
  • Preparation of salary slips and set up salary accounting system
    Completion of the relevant declarations arising from employment of personnel
  • Assistance in dealing with the Social Security Administration and Employment Inspectors visits

Preparation of the annual statement required to meet obligations under the labour laws
  • Study and set-up of systems to prepare this document
  • Audit

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